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Mission Catering was founded in 2005 as an extention of Seeds of Fire Ministry by Alex and Bonnie Wallace to fund feeding stations known as "comodores" for hungry children in Guatemala.  Their ministry supports a local pastor in San Andres, Guatemala.  By partnering with this pastor Seeds of Fire has had an impact in the town and surrounding villages.  During times of famine or financial struggles small children can suffer from malnutrition and sometimes die from it and Seeds of Fire by providing the resources for the feeding stations allow the children who do suffer from malnutrition to stay at home with their families as opposed to going to orphanages away from their families and familiar surroundings.   Many nursing mothers come to the feeding stations as well providing much needed nourishment for them and their unborn child.

Seeds of Fire also provides other needs for these children and families as the needs arise by providing sacks of corn for making cornmeal, over the counter medical supplies (antibacterial creams, bandaids, antifungal creams, etc.), toothbrushes, toothpaste, school supplies, shoes and some clothing.  All supplies are new and unopened providing for their safety and hygiene.

All the workers volunteer their time and all proceeds are donated to this mission, thus the name, "Mission Catering".   Seeds of Fire has extended it's ministry to include feeding children of other nations by donating money to other ministries around the world that also feed hungry children.
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"they eat when you eat"
Many people have asked us how they can be a part of what Mission Catering is doing through SEEDS OF FIRE ministry.  If you'd like to give or volunteer to help feed the children, please contact us at:
618.281.3940, or

SEEDS OF FIRE is a non-profit 501 3C organization and will provide you with a tax credit letter and the end of the year for any contributions you may wish to give.
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They eat when you eat
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